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Category: E3

Every piece of E3 content you’ll ever need.

Xbox One X Xbox One S comparison

E3 2017: Best of Sony

Have you ever waited for something so badly and in the end you never got it? Yes, I think we both know what I’m talking about. Sony had a really […]

E3 2017: Best of Ubisoft

The Ubisoft press conference was good this year. It was pretty strong throughout but there was some games showcased which didn’t seem to be quite as good. Regardless, there were […]

E3 2017: Best of Nintendo

Did Nintendo win E3 2017? In my opinion, yes. They had to come out swinging to promote their latest innovation, the Nintendo Switch. Their past E3’s have been pretty suspect […]

E3 2017: Best of the PC Gaming Show

The PC Gaming Show had a nice number of games being shown off during the presentation. While this may not be everyones favourite press conference, if you like PC games […]

E3 2017: Best of Bethesda

For some people, the Bethesda conference was a bit of a let down. Mostly due to the fact that we were expecting Bethesda to unveil a new IP which is […]