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Gorescript Preview – A classic FPS in every way

Gorescript is the game that will scratch any itch for a classic style FPS game. It’s time to bring the pain and fight through levels filled with enemies in a brand new game that feels extremely familiar. Load your guns, grab the hammer and prepare for blood to be spilt.

Developer: Sergiu Buccur
Publisher: AmusedSloth
Release Date: June 15th, 2017
Platforms: PC (Windows)
Platform Reviewed on: PC (Windows)


Gorescript is a fast-paced FPS game that seeks to emulate the classic FPS games of the past. It’s set in a pixel universe which is dominated by monsters who are trying to kill the player for reasons currently unexplained. While there’s currently only a demo available for the game, it’s certainly very promising and does exactly what it sets out to do.

It feels very similar to the Doom games of the past with fast-paced action which is separated into different levels. The current demo only allows players to explore a small portion of what this game will offer but it’s a very promising start.

There is a range of different types of enemies which have unique forms of attack ranging from melee to long-range attacks. While the enemies are nicely varied, the player also has a range of different weapons which can be switched between at any time. The game adds a small amount of strategy to the gameplay where the player needs to decide which weapon to use against different enemies. This is especially important as there’s limited ammo in the game so it’s not possible to kill every enemy with a shotgun blast to the face. Though using the shotgun is very satisfying.

Players need to obtain keys to unlock certain doors around the level to get access to new zones in each level. These keys aren’t too difficult to find which is nice and are usually well-guarded by enemies which makes them challenging to obtain.

The full game has been confirmed to contain over 18 levels of frantic slaying and will contain various secret areas for players to explore. While the demo only provides access to a small number of weapons, the full game should contain more for players to use as they race through the levels and kill monsters.

Gorescript is a very promising FPS which feels like a blast from the past. There’s currently no release date for the game but it’s been Greenlit by the Steam community and will be coming in the near future. The pre-alpha version of the game is available for free on the official website.


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