Animal Crossing Mobile Direct | Oct 24th 2017

Nintendo Direct did not disappoint and in fact, it far exceeded fans expectations showing a very robust demo.  Pocket Camp looks more like a full console game than a mobile game. Very exciting news then for those of us who love the Animal Crossing series. It’s still a mobile game though so… Continue reading “Animal Crossing Mobile Direct | Oct 24th 2017”


Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Remastered Review – Word up

Education is important and video games are also important. Why not combine them and teach people English words? Letter Quest does exactly this and it’s amazing to play. Fans of games such as Scrabble will especially love this title.

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4 Reasons to be Excited for Evil Within 2

So you’re excited for Evil Within 2 just like everyone else! No? Well, there is only one explanation for that. You haven’t played it’s brilliant predecessor. If that’s the case you should hit up the Steam store right away and get going on that first chapter. Here are a couple reasons why.

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Cuphead Review – It’s finally here!

Well worth the wait. Cuphead offers many hours of gameplay with its difficulty and high replay value. Plus, the game looks and sounds amazing so it’s easy to become immersed for hours at a time.

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Kickstarter game of the week: Hell Let Loose

We’re starting a brand new series! We’ll be highlighting the best and brightest games on Kickstarter from new and old developers. Today’s game is “Hello Let Loose”, a realistic multiplayer World War Two FPS game.

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